Job Title   Finance and Operations Manager
Department   Finance and Operations Reporting to  Chief Executive Officer
Job Context  Mostly office work focused on management tasks but with a proportion of time spent in the field auditing, and evaluating operations for partners within East Africa region.
Job Purpose:

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and being a member of the Regional Senior Management Team the post holder will provide strategic leadership to the Brooke’s Finance and Operations functions in the region to ensure the delivery of high impact donkey welfare programs through partners.

You will be responsible for maintaining robust financial systems and internal controls in order to safeguard Brooke East Africa’s assets, mitigate against the risk of fraud, mismanagement or financial loss and fulfil statutory and donor financial requirements and are compliant with Brooke UK’s minimum finance standard.  You have accounting systems appropriate to their scale of operations and are capable of maintaining proper accounting records that satisfy the local accounting and tax requirements.

Main duties and responsibilities

Financial Management and Reporting (15%)

Leading on financial management in the region you shall ensure that finances are well managed and controlled in such a way that they are used for the intended purpose to achieve intended results.

Key Results shall include 

  • Finance procedures that are compliant with the Brooke UK’s Minimum Finance Standards are in place, well understood and effectively adhered to by partners and Brooke EA.
  • The Financial system is well integrated and working optimally
  • Financial controls, authorizations and related checks and balances are in place and are consistently applied to ensure the cost effective use of funds and prevention of fraud.
  • Financial reports from financial officers both in the office and from partners are adequately reviewed and scrutinised for accuracy and integrity before approval, and consolidation
  • Statutory compliance is fully implemented
  • Timely preparation and communication of monthly and quarterly financial reports for the Chief Executive Officer and other members of the regional team summarising regional financial performance against budget/forecast with meaningful analysis/commentary that highlight material variances and clear recommendations of corrective action to support financial decision making.

Financial Accountability for Partners (15%)

As the chief financial accounting officer, ensuring the partners are compliant with Brooke’s minimum financial standards that safeguards the charity’s resources and the organisation is accountable to its donors.

Key Results shall include 

  • Partner’s financial processes, systems and procedures are reviewed on a rotational basis to ensure appropriate internal controls exist and in operation
  • Internal audits, partnership financial assessments including due diligence scheduled and carried out on all partners and support visits are used to follow up on implementation of prior audit recommendations.
  • Financial implication of project delivery challenges are highlighted and corrective measures implemented
  • Partner financial capacity gaps are identified and addressed
  • Partner financial capacity building is implemented
  • Partner financial risks are anticipated and mitigated

Financial Planning and Forecasting (15%)

As the lead financial planner, you shall spearhead financial planning programme planning; guiding strategic thinking both for the core organization and for the partners.

Key Results shall include 

  • Financial planning and forecasting for Brooke East Africa is well coordinated, with the budget pack tailored to the regional/local context as appropriate and disseminated on time to BEA budget-holders and partners to support their budgeting process.
  • Partners and BEA budget holders are guided in their financial planning  via training on budget preparation and forecasting including the use of the budget templates and guidance to enhance their skills and ensure accurate and timely submissions
  • Partner and Brooke EA financial plans (i.e. budgets and forecast) are robustly reviewed to ensure their accuracy, consolidated and signed off
  • Financial management information provided to Brooke UK is timely, relevant, accurate and complete.
  • Facilitate visits by and meet the information requirements of external and internal auditors

Donor contract management (10%)

Working in conjunction with the Resource Development Team,  Programme Team and BEA partners ensure effective management of restricted funds

Key Results shall include 

  • Development of accurately costed proposals
  • A complete set  of accurate financial records and relevant supporting documentation for each donor funded project is maintained
  • Compliance with donor contractual requirements
  • Timely submission of donor financial reporting completed to the highest quality
  • Reporting to the CEO on the  funding positions and grant management in the region

Risk management (15%)

As operations manager, You shall be the champion and point person for risk management in Brooke East Africa.

Key Results shall include 

  • Risk awareness is created across the organisation including partners via training and risk work shops
  • Risk management policies and related documents are in place and up to date for both the office and partners in the region
  • Risks to the delivery of BEA’s objectives in the region are identified and appropriate mitigation measures for all risks are implemented
  • Risk register is duly updated and operationalised

Team management (10%)

Lead and manage the finance function of the region, providing proper supervision, guidance and mentoring of finance staff to ensure effective performance and compliance with standard financial systems.

Key Results shall include 

  • Clear and up-to-date job descriptions for all finance staff in the region
  • Lead on the recruitment and induction of new finance staff in BEA office and finance induction of project staff
  • Conduct bi- annual performance appraisals and hold regular 1:1s for staff in the finance team, and encourage the personal development of each individual (including personal development plans and the identification of training needs).
  • Conduct exit interviews, disciplinary and grievance procedures, as required, for staff in the Finance team.
  • Support the capacity building of partner finance staff.

Coordination and Communication with other teams (10%)

As a member of the leadership team, you shall remain cognisant of work related interdependencies with others and therefore coordinate well and communicate effectively with other so as to foster team cohesion.

Key Results shall include 

  • Receiving and providing input to other officers whose jobs are interdependent with yours.
  • Receiving and providing support to other officers whose jobs are interdependent with yours.
  • Supplying reports and other required information and data to other parts of the organization as required.
  • Actively participating in team and or staff meeting; adding value to the meeting agenda and discussions for the purpose of enhancing program effectiveness.

Representation, Networking and collaboration (10%)

In support of Brooke’s partnership approach you shall participate from time to time in value adding meetings or initiatives with like-minded stakeholders in the animal welfare sector.

Key Results shall include 

  • Maintaining constructive working relationships with the finance staff of other NGOs, UN agencies, Kenyan government, etc
  • Identifying conferences that have an operational angle in animal welfare or have themes that resonate with Brooke.
  • Developing and submitting abstracts to conference organizers in order to seek opportunities for formal participation.
  • Preparing and presenting position papers, data, information or material on behalf of Brooke during the conference.

Key relationships

For effective delivery of your work, you shall work closely with the Regional Representative/ Brooke EA CEO, programme and partnership managers, other members of the leadership team and the technical team from Brooke UK.

Decision making

As a member of the leadership team You shall be expected to make strategic finance and operations decisions, implement internal controls, sign cheques, commit the organization in matters to do with programs, authorise staff actions and activities. You shall also make good stewardship decisions around the use of policies, procedures, business facilities and resources such as transport and accommodation during official travel.

Knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience

  • Educational Background in Finance or related area of study
  • Competencies in financial management and accounting
  • Competencies in group dynamics and leadership
  • Good representation skills
  • Competencies in Project cycle management
  • Collaborative and supportive approach to resolving issues with stakeholders.

Person Specification

The skills, abilities, experience and knowledge outlined below provide a summary of what is required to carry out this job effectively. They also form the selection criteria on which the decision on who to appoint will be made. Please ensure that you show how you meet the criteria outlined below in your application. 

Knowledge, qualifications, skills and experience

Knowledge and experience Essential Desirable
1 Qualified accountant or an appropriate finance related qualification (i.e. a first degree (Bachelors) in finance and accounting) and proven post qualification finance experience.
2 Significant experience (minimum 5 years)  working with an international NGO, with strong financial and operational management experience
3 Proven managerial experience in a directly related areas
4 Proven ability to understand, set up and manage administrative instructions, financial and accounting policies, rules and procedures and implementing robust financial management practices.
5 Proven experience of using the SUN financial system (and Vision) to a high level of efficiency or a similar multi-dimensional accounting system
6 Proven experience in managing partnerships and partnership financial agreements
7 Experience in liaising with senior level government authorities
8 Demonstrable knowledge and experience of donor fund management and reporting for major donors, trust and foundations.
9 Knowledge of basic animal welfare concepts and an understanding of the importance of working equines to the economies of developing countries
10 Experience of setting up and managing Administration, HR and IT functions
11 Experience working in other countries in East Africa and an understanding of the political, social and economic situation in the region.
Skills and abilities Essential Desirable
1 Clear, thinker with strong evidence-based analytical and problem solving skills
2 Demonstrable business partnering skill and experience including the ability to assimilate and analyse financial data to support business decision making providing narrative and management reports for both financial and non-financial people
3 Extensive skill and experience of strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting as well as reviewing and providing feedback on budgets/forecast and plans.
4 Strong cross functional working skills with proven ability to form and maintain professional relationships across a diverse range of stakeholders and cultures including finance and non-finance colleagues.
5 Excellent organisation, planning, follow up skills, negotiation skills and project cycle management
6 Strong and engaging communication and presentation skills, necessary in working with partners
7 Good interpersonal skills, working diplomatically with people at a senior level to develop trust, shared understanding and motivation   with good information management skills including the ability to write clear concise reports for a variety of audiences in English
8 Competencies in group dynamic and leadership
9 Strong IT skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
10 Ability to prioritise and handle a diverse and heavy workload, working under pressure and often to tight deadlines
11 Willingness to work flexibly and, on occasions, outside of office hours
12 Committed to the aims of the Brooke, animal welfare and community development
Attitudes (Brooke Competencies) Essential Desirable
1 Self-Management: Taking responsibility for own actions, behaviours and outcomes
2 Effective Decision Making: Making clear, informed and timely decisions that lead to effective outcomes in line with the Brooke’s mission.
3 Planning & Organisation : Ensuring that time and resources are utilised to best effect for the achievement of the Brooke’s goals and our mission and that others are committed to agreed courses of action
4 Communication and Influence: Communicating clearly, concisely and compellingly in a manner that is appropriate to the audience.   Engaging respectfully with others both internally and/or externally to persuade them to adopt courses of action that are in the best interests of the organisation and the animals.
5 Relationship Building: Creating and maintaining harmonious and constructive working relationships with others internally and/or externally
6 Collaboration & Cooperation : Working respectfully, effectively and collaboratively with others in your team, across the organisation and externally to deliver effective outcomes
7 Change & Improvement : Seeking out and developing new ideas and approaches, responding positively and constructively to change and fostering a culture of continuous improvement
8 Learning :Taking responsibility for own learning and fostering growth and development in others
9 Communication and Influence: Communicating clearly, concisely and compellingly in a manner that is appropriate to the audience.   Engaging respectfully with others both internally and/or externally to persuade them to adopt courses of action that are in the best interests of the organisation and the animals.

This job description is a written statement of the key aspects of the above job.  This document details the main responsibilities, tasks and includes a note of the skills, knowledge and experience required for a satisfactory level of performance.  A job description is not intended to be an exhaustive account of all aspects of the duties involved.

Brooke Core Values

Respectful Being respectful of animals, people, cultures and the environment
Effective Being an organization of dedicated people, determined to improve the welfare of working donkeys, horses and mules
Accountable Striving to be accountable and transparent in our work
Collaborative Working in an inclusive and collaborative way to give the best
Committed Being committed to making the most effective use of resources to bring about lasting changes for working equine animals
Innovative Being an innovative, evidence based, learning organization
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Notes: Your supervisor shall agree with you on your performance objectives each year. The objectives are specific to the needs of the organization in your area of work within that particular period.  While there may be other goals that your supervisor may want you to cover, the broad performance goals for your job broadly include the following:-

  • Efficient systems and processes
  • Financial planning
  • Internal controls, checks and balances
  • Financial accountability and integrity
  • Capacity for effective financial management
  • Audit
  • Team leadership and management
  • Program risk management
  • Brooke is well represented and profile maintained during networking meetings
  • Effective team player
  • Good steward of resources


All interested and eligible candidates for the advertised positions should email us their application letter, CV including 3 referees and updated documents to not later than 30thMarch 2018.